Tackling Indigenous Smoking

communication and engagement

We work with Nunkuwarrin Yunti of South Australia on the development and implementation of their Communication and Engagement Strategy and approaches. In developing the strategies, we held workshops with staff to input to and develop client personas and journeys to assist in building their understanding of clients’ needs.

From the strategy we developed a new public website and social media accounts for Nunkuwarrin Yunti, bringing together their multiple platforms into a more coordinated and effective Tackling Tobacco digital engagement presence.

Communication design and products is now tailored to different audience segments and objectives of the engagement, which includes:

  • Encouraging Aboriginal adult smokers to quit
  • Preventing the uptake of smoking among young Aboriginal people
  • Encouraging new parents, particularly pregnant women to stop smoking
  • Encouraging smoke free environments throughout the Adelaide region.

We have also built a tailored digital manual to assist Nunkuwarrin Yunti’s Tackling Indigenous Smoking team to implement their engagement tactics. This has involved building their strategies into an internal digital platform, with links to the resources and assets relevant to different audiences or components of their campaigns and strategies. The digital manual also allows the team to collect and input data on their communication and engagement activity, ensuring data is available for funding reporting and evaluations. We run quarterly health check reviews of their engagement activity and provide monthly communication support on an ongoing basis.


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