Social marketing for the Aboriginal Quitline NSW

digital tools, online content, social media, community based social marketing, evaluation

In partnership with Gilimbaa, we work with the Cancer Institute of NSW (CINSW) to design and implement a social marketing strategy to reach Aboriginal people across NSW via Facebook, to raise awareness of the Quitline and influence their behaviours to quit smoking.

We developed a social media strategy and content plan, which we maintain and manage on behalf of CINSW. This includes a quarterly content plan of high targeted social media content designed to encourage engagement, action and to influence broader social norms around smoking. The creative application and messaging used in the communications is highly relevant to the target audience, with messaging and creative developed for specific audience segments – Aboriginal adults, Aboriginal young people and pregnant women.

We provide ongoing advice to CINSW on generating discussion and engagement amongst their online community and in moderating issues and comments.

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