Organisational change

towards better outcomes

We worked with the Department of Social Services to develop communication and stakeholder engagement approaches for the transition to an outcomes-based commissioning approach. Acknowledging the importance of long-term organisational and sector change, we based the communication approaches on behaviour change techniques, using tools such as social proof (influencers), prompts and incentives to engage DSS staff early in the process.

We designed a comprehensive communication and engagement strategy, with input from an advisory group and staff involved in proof of concept test cases. This involved facilitating departmental workshops to develop definitions, principles, key messages and products supporting the first phases of the commissioning approach development.

We provided recommendations for ongoing engagement processes with staff and social service stakeholders to continue to co-design the commissioning model, and undertook a review of best practice approaches in social service commissioning from Australia, and throughout the UK, NZ and the USA.

Our engagement approach uses the International Association for Public Participation engagement spectrum, assisting the department to properly identify, map and analyse its intended engagement with social service providers and other stakeholders

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