Mentally Healthy Orange

 Act-Belong-Commit social marketing strategy

In 2015, we helped the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health to bring a range of community services together (e.g. housing, Health) with business and local and State government organisations to tackle the issue of mental health in the region using the ‘ act-belong-commit’ social marketing approach.

The project was funded by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) and was based on the Act-Belong-Commit campaign originally created in WA. Act-Belong-Commit is a community-based health promotion campaign that encourages people to take action to improve their health and wellbeing. The model is based on research by Curtin University into people’ s perceptions of mental health and the behaviours they believed projected and promoted good mental health.

In assisting the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health to facilitate the introduction of Act-Belong-Commit in the Orange region, we undertook initial research on the efficacy of the campaign in other regions throughout Australia and facilitated a number of collaborative workshops with cross-sectoral stakeholders to develop a social marketing strategy. This included development of a logical framework to guide progress and evaluate the campaign specific to the region. The social marketing strategy included an implementation plan for the Centre for Rural and Remote Health to implement activity with community service stakeholders.

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