Community Development Strategy

Mackay Regional Council

The Social Deck is working with Mackay Regional Council and stakeholders to develop the new Community Development Strategy.

As part of the project we undertook a desktop review and report of best practice community development approaches in regional areas of Queensland, other areas of Australia and internationally. We also identified and drafted a number of case studies from Australia and internationally as part of the desktop review into community-driven development initiatives.

We have gained insights and input from the community and stakeholders using qualitative in-depth interviews with a variety of community service stakeholders, as well as community surveys and the facilitation of a co-design workshop to develop the new strategy with stakeholders. The co-design workshop brought together community sector stakeholders, local university representatives and industry to inform priorities for community development in the region, based on the community inputs received. Participants were involved in identifying and prioritising actions, as well as what the Community Development Strategy should cover, which will be further developed and considered with Council.

A detailed consultation report collating the insights from community and stakeholder consultation is informing development of the strategy, which is expected to be released later this year.

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