Community-based behaviour change

to tackle illegal dumping


In 2015-16, we managed and delivered the ‘ Don’ t Waste Our Forests’ campaign to prevent illegal dumping in local forests around the Orange, NSW region. The campaign was funded by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and run in partnership with two local Councils, Forestry Corporation of NSW and the Orange Mountain Bike Club.

We developed tailored behavioural messages and a low-budget creative using humour to engage the community and target likely dumping offenders. The messaging and creative was based on active research in the Orange community and the development of a targeted behaviour change strategy through a collaborative workshop with campaign partners. Tactics included a mix of physical interventions, such as signage and works at the forest entrance, and behavioural messages delivered through communication tactics.

A reference group was used to test ideas and product, which included: signage at the forest, the clean up and beautification (with some redevelopment) of the forest entrance, a ‘ free tip’ day run by Orange Council, local social media campaign, some local advertising (radio and print) and promotion at events with forest users.

Preliminary results showed contribution to decreased illegal dumping activity after implementation (approx. 80%), as well as increased awareness in the community of reporting illegal dumping and active engagement and strengthened partnerships with community groups and key stakeholders to work together to help prevent the problem in the future

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