What better way to celebrate National Youth Week than with a youth-themed edition of The Link Deck?

Young Australians making ideas happen 

Some of Australia’s most talented young people are dedicating themselves to making the world a better place. Meet FYA’s young social pioneers.

In the lead-up to National Youth Week, Red Aware interviewed the CEO of the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), Jan Owen, about the positive contributions of youth in society.

Crikey’s got a great list of young Australians changing Australian business.

And over at Ideas Hoist, we’ve been privileged to interview and be inspired by so many young Australians making ideas happen!

Youth led innovation

Supporting youth led innovation and entrepreneurship is all the more important as youth unemployment last year was at a 15 year high.

If we want to make sure that Australia’s young people continue to have the chance to lead innovation – we’d be well advised to take a look at this report from Nesta in the UK which identifies six ways in which policymakers, schools and youth organisations can help.

Five examples of young people leading the way when it comes to using technology, such as social media, to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Have you ever thought about how much money and ink the government spends on printing? Maybe. But did you work out that they could save millions of dollars a year by simply changing their default font? This teenager did.

And for the aspiring young social entrepreneur. How following the same pattern as Tesla can help any social entrepreneur get people excited about world-changing products.


A pretty interesting example of how youth led research and storytelling can lead to positive social change at a community level. Check out the video too.

And closer to home The National Indigenous Youth Leadership Academy (NIYLA) aims to mobilise Australia’s Indigenous youth to make an impact on the social issues that matter to them.

A gorgeous short film about student life in a crowded dorm in Sweden, and the unique way they let out their tensions every night at 10pm by participating in the “Flogsta Roar”. Must watch to the end.


And finally for a bit of psychology based fun. This is what Candy Crush does to your brain.


photo credit: marfis75  cc